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Bonefide Design was founded to establish a genuine work environment amidst a tough to navigate Miami market. I create environmentally conscious and sustainable artwork using completely recycled materials as well as having quite a knack for designing interior spaces. I love the personal collaborative aspect of working with someone on their home and I endeavor to embrace great work, great design and most importantly a renewed faith in the process; so lets talk.

bo·na fide(bō′nə fīd′, fī′dē, bŏn′ə)adj.

1.Made or carried out in good faith; sincere: a bona fide offer.

2.Authentic; genuine: a bona fide Rembrandt. See Synonyms at authentic.

[Latin bonā fidē : bonā,feminine ablative of bonus,good + fidē,ablative of fidēs,faith.]

Natalie Kate Bone.
Artist. Designer. Founder.


I'm a born and raised Londoner now living in the ever growing Miami metropolis. I'm first and foremost an artist and creator. I live for aesthetics that know no boundaries and have subsequently spent the last five, very rewarding years working in interior design and decorating. I have always been drawn to materials and spaces that leave a lot to be desired and love nothing more than reinvigorating people’s perceptions of beauty.


I graduated in 2007 from Middlesex University in London with a Bachelor of Applied Arts. Essentially a very hands on, versatile degree that allowed me four years to explore everything from fashion design, jewelry making, glass blowing, textiles and soo much more. What is slightly more unique is that I chose to specialize in concrete. Whether it be due to my love of architecture instilled by my late Grandfather Dennis Page, or my attraction to materials people generally (at that time anyway) considered ugly...I was hooked from my first mold!


I was fortunate enough to sell various pieces of work at my degree show and subsequently went on to exhibit my concrete work in multiple shows after that. I produced private commissions, was featured in an exclusive magazine and then decided it was time to scratch that travelling itch.


I volunteered with a conservation organization while scuba diving around the South Pacific conducting reef surveys. The incredible ocean world that opened up to me, along with basic island living only renewed the fact that I found beauty in everything; a concept I wanted to share through my art and design.

Having met my husband while travelling, we decided that Miami was the place to be. It is an incredibly vibrant city with a lot of major development taking place, a fantastic art scene and plenty of recreational scuba diving to be had! That was 5 years ago and we haven't looked back. MIA is a truly magical place that has embraced my entrepreneurial ventures with open arms. We feel honored to be at the cusp of such exciting advancements within a city.



Used to direct attention to something particularly important.

[Latin notā bene, note well : notā, sing. imperative of notāre, to note + bene, well.]

no·ta be·ne(nō′tə bĕn′ē, bē′nē)Abbr. NB

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