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Hand Finished Casting
I like to think of concrete as my canvas; an unconventional canvas that can take on many shapes and forms. It’s versatility to fully own it's space is what attracted me to it in the first place. It is strong, reliable and can truly can be whatever you would like it to be. 


Reincarnating the Inconceivable 

By using a variety of materials, I aim to create pieces with an aesthetic quality that people night not not expect from the material. My intention is to draw the viewer in to look closer at something that once seemed familiar but has now taken on a new life.

Some work includes used shotgun shells, recycled metals and plastics, broken glass and of course concrete!

Private Commissions
I've had the honor of working with some incredible clients to produce pieces that slip seamlessly into their homes. I believe that my collaborative approach helps to enrich the clients experience and ensures that they're fully involved throughout the process. 
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